The Chamber of Commerce will host the students of the new MBA in Kirchberg. (Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne/Archives)

The Chamber of Commerce will host the students of the new MBA in Kirchberg. (Photo: Guy Wolff/Maison Moderne/Archives)

The HEC Liège business school will be offering an International MBA taught in English in Luxembourg from 2022 in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, seen as an additional asset for the country to attract and train talent.

With 1,300 active alumni in Luxembourg, HEC Liège on its website highlights the close links it has with the country as it sets up an International MBA aimed at young professionals wishing to complete their studies and/or move towards executive functions in companies.

“We are looking for young executives with diverse professional and private backgrounds who have at least a bachelor’s degree,” a spokesperson for the chamber said. The International MBA will be taught in English.

In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, which will host the students, HEC is opening applications for two International MBA programmes--a part-time evening version and a full-time option. HEC will help full-time students find paid internships with partner companies in Luxembourg.

Attractiveness argument

If these first formats offered by HEC in Luxembourg are oriented towards management, the business school’s strategy to invest in the field of sustainability could lead to a broader of the offer in future.

The agreement between HEC and the Chamber of Commerce represents an additional asset to attract international talent to the grand duchy and training them in a difficult global context of labour shortages. The same applies to the continuing education of professionals already active in the country.

The HEC MBA comes after Sacred Heart University (SHU) in May in a surprise decision said it would close its face-to-face programmes in Luxembourg.

In a recent interview with Delano, the former chairman of the board of regents of SHU Luxembourg, Raymond Schadeck, indicated that a solution would be found, especially for students in the process of completing their studies.

Students already enrolled with SHU will be able to either complete their training with by distance learning at SHU. But the Luxembourg School of Business already said students could request a transfer, a decision that will also apply to the HEC Liège programme, according to information obtained by Paperjam.

This article was first published in French on . It has been edited and translated in English for Delano.