Hospital centre suspends most visits due to covid-19

The Chem hospital group has decided to close its sites to visitors for the time being.  (Photo: Nader Ghavami / Maison Moderne)

The Chem hospital group has decided to close its sites to visitors for the time being.  (Photo: Nader Ghavami / Maison Moderne)

The Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrish (Chem) on 28 January announced it would not allow visitors for the time being as the exponential number of covid-19 cases due to omicron was impeding the safety and functioning of the hospitals.

Citing a significant number of mini-clusters in its establishments--located in Esch-Alzette, Niederkorn and Dudelange--and a virulent spread amid healthcare staff, the group has chosen to close the centres to the public.

“We are also seeing an increase in the number of Covid-19 positive in-patients (currently more than 50) who require heavy care and special precautions, adding unprecedented pressure on our staff,” Chem explains in an official statement. The numbers of cases among staff members has also pushed the establishments to reorganise employee rotas significantly.

Exceptions are made

Some exceptions are being made:

-       In the maternity ward, for the father of the newborn child, or the mother’s partner

-       In the paediatric ward, where two visitors may visit simultaneously between 3pm and 7 pm.

-       In end-of-life situations, where visitors--including children--are allowed in 24/7

These visitors are allowed in on the premise that they wear an FFP2 mask, present a valid CovidCertificate and perform a rapid antigen self-test on site.

Though drastic, no other solution could be found at this time, said the hospital group.

Since the start of the new year, and omicron’s rapid spread across Luxembourg--which resulted in many reinfection cases--other sectors have been impacted by the virus. 15% of the country’s educational staff was isolated or quarantined at the start of the semester, while this week, buses in the north of Luxembourg had to be cancelled due to covid-related staff shortages.