Tourism rebound

Hotel stays up by 14%

Tourism is coming back to the grand duchy, says tourism minister Lex Delles.  Photo: MECO

Tourism is coming back to the grand duchy, says tourism minister Lex Delles.  Photo: MECO

Tourism minister Lex Delles, in a government press release from 22 September, said that Luxembourg as a tourist destination “is moving towards a recovery”.

Data from the grand duchy’s national statistics bureau Statec indicate that hotel stays are up by 14% in the first six months of 2021, compared to the same timeframe a year earlier. Campsite stays are up by 68% for the same period.

Rural areas are doing better than urban ones, according to the press release, no doubt because of the dangers posed by the covid-19 pandemic.

“The grand duchy as a tourist destination is showing dynamism and is moving towards a recovery,” said the minister, adding that “thanks to various innovative tourism projects under the ‘Lëtzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz’ campaign, leisure tourism has been promoted, which has attracted many residents.”

The “Lëtzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz” campaign seeks to tempt residents of the country, as well as those in border regions and further abroad, to holiday in the grand duchy.

The country issued €50 hotel vouchers to residents as part of a scheme to improve tourism, and the press release states that 140,546 of these were redeemed at 265 different sites, injecting over €7m into the sector.

“We have convinced inhabitants and border residents to (re)discover the grand duchy,” the minister continued. “2021 shows that interest in Luxembourg as a tourist destination remains substantial.”