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How to be a greener parent

Plants can improve indoor air quality Shutterstock

Plants can improve indoor air quality Shutterstock

Being conscious about climate and waste not only helps the planet, but it can also lay a solid foundation for children to understand how they can be part of making a difference.

Reusable nappies

It’s estimated that until the age of 2, a child can go through up to 6,000 disposable nappies, the equivalent of about one tonne of waste. Reusable nappies help reduce waste and can be a fraction of the cost, especially considering some communes are subsidising them.

Green clean

Simple ingredients like lemon or vinegar can be used for DIY cleaning products. Several courses are available in the grand duchy to get you started.

Get recycling

Toddlers love sorting objects--take advantage of it to give them an early lesson in recycling (avoiding glass, of course). Older kids can also get involved in rubbish pickup events.

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Better air

Babies especially spend much of their time indoors, and some plants can improve air quality. Of course, take care when selecting a safe plant--local florists and gardeners should be able to give you a few pointers, and many are even willing to share what they’ve cultivated.

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Avoid plastics

Shop BPA-free when possible, try bamboo straws, and consider using a food processor or blender over store-bought jars when it comes to baby food. Help fight plastic waste by using wooden toys, even bought second hand if possible.