Hubfinance, for finance professionals only

How can we make the process of connecting finance professionals more efficient? With a dedicated platform like Fabien Amoretti’s Hubfinance (Photo: Datapunk)

How can we make the process of connecting finance professionals more efficient? With a dedicated platform like Fabien Amoretti’s Hubfinance (Photo: Datapunk)

After months of development and a tour programme, Datapunk's founder and CEO Fabien Amoretti has officially launched Hubfinance, his connection platform for finance experts.

For a long time, while he was busy creating the code, Fabien Amoretti refused to be interviewed. Instead he was "focusing" on his project, following the advice of the best courses given to start-ups. Since March, the founder of Farvest, which he left when Docler Holding arrived in 2018, has embarked on a tour of 22 events, mainly in France and Luxembourg, to prepare the ecosystem of financial players, for the launch of Hubfinance.

"We are not a social network", warns the entrepreneur in the press kit he has prepared. "The ambition is to become the main tool for connecting professionals [in the finance industry] and generate continuous business signals for them."

60,000 companies listed

In a world where there is a profusion of data that is little or poorly exploited, the king of marketing has focused on the value to be derived from the data in order to "qualify" the 60,000 companies and decision-makers listed on its platform. No more "I'll call you back soon”--Hubfinance should enable people to find the right contact for a specific project. But it is only for finance professionals, from "major players" (insurance banks, management companies) to "wealth experts" (family offices, CGP, brokers) and "key partners" (associations, lawyers, notaries, chartered accountants, fintech and support professions).

In addition to the directory and the matching model, the start-up offers a detailed profile of each company (presentation, team, type of clientele, interprofessionality, collaborations, approvals, etc.), a partner rating tool based on four dimensions (offer, process, team, corporate) and 16 criteria, continuous scores and rankings, forums on 12 themes and an events calendar.

700 members in three months and 5,000 next year

All these services are not free: licences range from €80 to €900 and have already enabled the start-up to raise €1 million this year. And after a first round of €250,000 to get the ball rolling and the arrival of Sandrine Toulouse (ex-Blackrock France, ex-Merril Lynch, ex-DGA of Ofi AM, and founder of ALOR), Claude Hellers (Fundbridge, ex-Fidelity), Serge Krancenblum Serge Krancenblum (IQEQ, Gatsby & White and also honorary president of the Luxembourg family office association), Jean-François CollinJean-François Collin (KMC Finance, vice-president of the Association of insurance brokers in Luxembourg), Philippe BurdeyronPhilippe Burdeyron (ex-CEO of La Mondiale Europartner and Wealins), Rudi Lemeer (CapitalatWork), Hubfinance is preparing a second round of financing by the end of the year in order to tackle the Belgian and Swiss markets in the next six months, and then other European countries.

From 700 members in the last three months, almost half of whom are wealth experts and prescribers, Hubfinance intends to attract more than 4,000 next year, to bring the total to 5,000 members. 

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This article was originally written in French and published by Paperjam. It has been translated by Delano