Romain Schwartz, an avid trainspotter, recommends taking the train to Clervaux and visiting the Family of Man exhibition. Photo: Vanessa Migone, Luxembourg for Tourism

Romain Schwartz, an avid trainspotter, recommends taking the train to Clervaux and visiting the Family of Man exhibition. Photo: Vanessa Migone, Luxembourg for Tourism

From walking around Luxembourg City to taking the train to Clervaux and discovering the Family of Man exhibition, Romain Schwartz of Luxembourg for Tourism shares his favourite spots, tips and hidden gems.

Lydia Linna: Could you tell us a little bit about your personal background? For instance, have you lived in other countries besides Luxembourg? How do you see Luxembourg today?

Romain Schwartz: I have always lived in Luxembourg; I’m a real Luxembourger! My wife is from Ukraine, though. So we are an international family now. I’m 51 years old, married, have three children and some of my hobbies are walking (some would say hiking), cycling, and seeing new places. I like trains very much, so I do a lot of trainspotting (in Luxembourg and also in other countries when I’m away).

I really love my country and that’s the reason why I work at the tourist board: I like to show other people my country and I like to see their reaction to it.

What would you recommend doing in Luxembourg City?

My favourite tour in Luxembourg City is the following: have a walk in the park, then take the Pfaffenthal panoramic lift down into the valley. There is a whole different atmosphere down at the riverside where you can even bathe your feet in the water. Then, after a rest, walk the short distance towards the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg railway station and take the funicular up to the Kirchberg plateau. From there you can take the tramway back to the city centre.

It’s so peaceful down in the valley at the banks of the Alzette; you wouldn’t say you’re in the heart of the city.

Luxembourg, of course, is more than just its capital city. What do you suggest doing outside Luxembourg City?

Well, if I only would have ONE thing to do outside the city, I would go to Clervaux (by train, of course!), and visit the photo exhibition “The Family of Man.” This is my favourite place. Although I have been there many times (with people whom I show around), I always discover new things there.

There are 512 photographs, and of course you do not see all of them on a short visit of one hour, so it’s good to come back several times, and then you can really appreciate the whole meaning of the exhibition.

Any tips for family day trips?

Depending on the age of the children, I would suggest first a visit to the swimming pool in Esch-sur-Alzette (Bains du Parc); then afterwards visit the Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg. There the children can have lots of fun.

And to end the day, maybe something to eat at a nice restaurant in Luxembourg City (maybe even in Parc Merl where you can have delicious food at the shore of the lake with the ducks all around and the playground for the children just behind, in case they still have some energy to spend)!

How about a “hidden gem?”

There is a new walk I have just discovered recently: the “Siwe Brécke Wee” in the Guttland (the “Seven bridges walk”). It’s located in Reimberg, Préizerdaul and it’s a short walk of approximately 5km. It’s a very quiet area and I really enjoyed that tour already a few times.

You won’t meet many people there as it’s off the beaten track, and new. They only started recently developing several circuits in the Guttland region, and this is one of the first ones.