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In the bubble at Bubbleplace

This summer, Paperjam offers you the chance to escape every Monday with a selection of unusual lodgings located near Luxembourg or a short trip over the border. We start with the Bubbleplace bubbles, located near Namur (Belgium).

Bubbleplace is the story of two Belgians, Florence and Gauthier, two nature lovers living in Brussels.

"Let's just say we were lucky that our parents live in the country," smiles Gauthier Clerfaÿt (31). "But all week long we heard some of our friends, also from Brussels, complaining that they lacked greenery. And they said that camping wasn't really for them..."

This led to the idea of reproducing a concept they had discovered during a trip to Martinique: spending the night under the stars in the middle of nature in a comfortable bubble with a transparent roof.

And one, and two, and three "bubbles

So they set up their first bubble, called "Bubblewood", in a meadow near Bertinchamps, in the province of Namur. "We worked for two years with this one bubble...", continues Gauthier Clerfaÿt. "And then, at the time of the first lockdown linked to the health crisis, we both found ourselves forced to work..."

Something to think about other than work. That's when the project was born to set up a second bubble, this time called "Bubblegarden". A "bubble" set up in a different location from the first, but just as rural, in Dion-le-Mont, a charming and peaceful village in Chaumont-Gistoux, in Walloon Brabant.

"And then, this year, we had the opportunity to take over the management of a third bubble, located in Maredsous, not far from the famous abbey." They liked the setting so much that they decided to set up their first bubble, the "Bubblewood", there too.

With a view of Maredsous Abbey

So there are three bubbles, located a good hour's drive from Luxembourg, for three (slightly) different concepts. "In Dion-le-Mont, you spend the night on the banks of a river, between a meadow and an undergrowth. It's very bucolic. In the 'Bubblewood' you sleep in an environment with trees as tall as cathedrals. And finally, the 'Mared'sous Bulle' offers you a breathtaking view of the famous abbey of the village...", explains the manager.

The "Mared'sous Bulle", with a view on the famous abbey.  (Photo: Bubbleplace)

The "Mared'sous Bulle", with a view on the famous abbey.  (Photo: Bubbleplace)

Maredsous is also mentioned in the aperitif offered to brighten up your evening. "In the fridge, you will find local products, including beer of course", smiles Gauthier Clerfaÿt who evokes the comfort and standing of a three-star room. With, in particular, a superior quality bedding and breakfast left in a basket, the latter being composed of local products.

From March to October and no more than one night

In each of the three bubbles, there are three possible getaway packages, including the "romantic" one, which provides an atmosphere based on the same theme. With appropriate subdued lighting, rose petals and a bottle of bubbles, of course. In terms of price, you'll be able to get away with between €165 and €220.

And the concept behind these little dwellings (which are available from March to October) seems to appeal. Although their owners do not accept stays of more than one night, the reservations book is nevertheless well filled. "For weekends, everything is taken until September. The rest of the week is a bit more free...", concludes Gauthier Clerfaÿt. So, if you are interested...