When your neighbour builds a nuclear power plant on your doorstep, like France did in Cattenom, just 15 kilometres away from Luxembourg, it is bound to ruffle feathers.

In this podcast, filmmaker Julien Becker talks about An zéro, the documentary-fiction hybrid he co-directed, examining what would happen if there were to be an accident at the nuclear power station in Cattenom, France.

While Becker stresses that an accident is unlikely, the ageing plant and the risks it poses to Luxembourg are always at the back of people’s minds and ever more since local authorities began distributing iodine pills in 2016.“

It’s like a reminder that there is a risk. There could be something, a big accident or a small accident. They don’t give out these pills for fun,” says Becker.

An zéro can be viewed on Arte in  and  dubbed version.