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Introducing the 15 ministers of the Frieden government

Wednesday was a busy day. The highlight was the adoption of the coalition agreement by the CSV and the DP and the unveiling of the Frieden government in the evening.

The portfolios of the eight ministers from the CSV are as follows:

- Luc FriedenLuc Frieden, prime minister

- Gilles RothGilles Roth, minister of finance

- Martine HansenMartine Hansen, minister for agriculture, food, viticulture and consumer protection

- Léon GlodenLéon Gloden, minister for the interior

- Elisabeth MargueElisabeth Margue, minister of justice, minister attached to the prime minister for relations with parliament, minister attached to the prime minister for media and communications

- George MischoGeorge Mischo, minister for sport and labour

- Serge WilmesSerge Wilmes, minister for the civil service and the environment, climate and biodiversity

- Martine Deprez (from civil society), minister for health and social security.

The portfolios of the seven ministers from the DP are as follows:

- Xavier BettelXavier Bettel, deputy prime minister, minister for foreign and European affairs, cooperation, foreign trade and the Greater Region

- Lex DellesLex Delles, minister for the economy, energy, SMEs and tourism

- Claude MeischClaude Meisch, minister for national education, housing, children and youth

- Max HahnMax Hahn, minister for the family, solidarity and the reception of refugees

- Yuriko BackesYuriko Backes, minister for defence, gender equality and diversity, minister for mobility and public works

- Éric Thill, minister for culture and minister delegate for tourism

- Stéphanie Obertin, minister for digitalisation, research and higher education.

This article was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.