Invest in your plans Foyer

Invest in your plans Foyer

Dreaming of buying a house, sailing around the world, or helping your children get started in life? Foyer has designed investment solutions that combine the benefits of life insurance with the returns of financial markets while keeping your money available at all times.

Savings account, stock market, or...?

With inflation soaring, putting money aside each month could end up being a dead loss. On the other hand, you may not feel like a financial expert...

This is why Foyer has created some investment solutions in the form of flexible multi-support life insurance contracts with free deposits and withdrawals, allowing you to invest at your own pace while keeping your money accessible.

An ideal plan to organize the transfer of your wealth and grow your savings according to your needs and investor profile: whether you're conservative, adventurous, or concerned about environmental issues, everyone will find an investment plan tailored to their needs, .

Why save through life insurance?

Wealth transferIn the event of death before the end of the policy, the accumulated sum is paid to the beneficiaries without the intervention of a notary, unlike assets deposited in a bank account. you are free to choose your beneficiaries in the event of your death. And you can change this choice at any time, easily and free of charge!

Tax exemption

Whether at the end of the contract or in the event of a partial or total withdrawal of your assets before the term, the capital accumulated within a life insurance framework is never taxed upon withdrawal!

Optimal protectionIn Luxembourg, you benefit from maximum protection of your savings in the event of an insurance company's failure. Your money is kept in a separate account from that of the insurance company, with a bank approved by the Commissariat Aux Assurances (the Luxembourg Insurance Commission). This ensures you to recover your entire capitalised savings with priority over any other creditor.

Much more than life insurance!

In addition to the advantages of life insurance, the new Foyer smartlife and invest4change insurance products include other benefits usually reserved for savings or traditional investments.

Return perspectives

smartlife and invest4change allow you to grow your savings based on your investment horizon (short or long term) and investor profile.

Your Foyer advisor will help you choose the formula that suits your needs and allocate your investments among different guaranteed or variable capital supports. You can then switch formulas at any time.

Need cash?

You can withdraw your money at any time, in whole or in part, without any exit fees*!

Does it sound risky to you?No worries: your savings are managed by a team of managers, who have more than 30 years' experience in asset management. They aim to strike the right balance between risk and return so as to profit from performance on the financial markets.

Finally, these products are accessible to everyone and can be taken out for a regular premium of €200/month. So you can invest at your own pace without impacting your daily budget!

* Please refer to the smartlife and invest4change general terms and conditions to find out the terms and conditions for early withdrawal at no charge.