3 questions to Tod Nielsen

“It’s been a very busy few months”

Newly appointed CEO of Talkwalker takes stock of the last few  months at the helm of affairs and underscores some of the recent achievements of the company Talkwalker

Newly appointed CEO of Talkwalker takes stock of the last few  months at the helm of affairs and underscores some of the recent achievements of the company Talkwalker

In the last months of taking on the CEO position at Talkwalker, Tod Nielsen highlights some of the company’s latest achievements--including being one of 13 companies to receive Twitter’s partnership accreditation-- and his experience so far as CEO of the consumer intelligence company.

Since you took on the new role at Talkwalker, the company has launched two new products and the Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform™. What do these products and the platform offer?

For the last decade or so, Talkwalker was known as a social listening company, able to translate data from social media, blogs, and news, and turn that into valuable, impactful insights for brands and marketers.

What we came to realize is that we can take those deep listening capabilities, and expand our platform to provide a 360-degree view of the consumer. Providing companies with consumer intelligence they can take action across their entire enterprise, to accelerate their results and profits. Our new Market Intelligence and Customer Intelligence products additionally expand our capabilities into market research and customer analytics. Looking forward, we’re not just driving impact for marketers, but providing actionable insights for product innovation, customer experience, market analysis, and a whole spectrum of departments.

How would you summarise the experience at Talkwalker in the last two months of taking office? What are some other breakthroughs you would like to highlight?

It’s been a very busy few months, with so many team achievements already!  We’ve been named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™ : AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2021 report. We acquired Reviewbox, to expand our product review capability. We had our first post-pandemic live event in Paris, Dare to accelerate. And we outlined our vision for the future. We also announced that Talkwalker has been certified as Carbon Neutral for 2021, and we aim to be every year going forward. 

The last 2 months have certainly been very busy. But that was one of the things that brought me to Talkwalker - the team’s constant need to innovate and disrupt the industry. I’ve met so many hard working, dedicated team members across all our offices, it’s exciting to see the growth and potential of the platform, as we strengthen our positioning as the world’s go-to consumer intelligence platform. 

Now we are really coming together as a team. I’m really looking forward to our future and all that we are going to be able to accomplish over the coming months.

Talkwalker was selected to join Twitter’s Official Partner Program. What does this mean for the future of Talkwalker, and for its global operations?

Twitter has a precise criteria to decide on which brands will become Twitter Official Partners, which is why we were honoured to be one of only 13 companies in the world to receive this.

It demonstrates our commitment to quality, to compliance, to business standards, a whole stream of expectations we can meet, not just for Twitter, but for all of our clients and partners.

Going forward, we can unveil more insights from the Twitter Firehose, with up to 5 years of back data from a platform used by nearly a quarter of a billion active users. That’s a lot of conversations brands can decipher, and use to understand and engage their customers.

Plus, we have the capability to integrate this data with hundreds of other brand touchpoints, to not only reveal what people think about a company and its products, but also why, and how the brand should react.