EY Luxembourg

(JOB) battle for ESG, Round 1

In this new video series, Vanessa Müller, ESG Services Leader at EY meets the “doers”: leaders on the field who deal with Sustainability every day. They tell us more about its applications into the real economy and answer the questions that matter – unfiltered.

ESG is among the most discussed topics of this century. But how do actors in the field perceive the present and future of Sustainability? What does their daily working life look like? How do leaders embed it in their companies’ strategy?

“Is sustainable finance all about greenwashing?”

Today, Laëtitia Hamon, Head of Sustainable Finance at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Alessandra Simonelli, Head of Sustainability at BIL face each other in the first round of the (JOB) battle for ESG, moderated by Vanessa Müller from EY. A false confrontation but a real common fight for ESG. Check out the video to gain insight into their main activities and everyday challenges complemented by witty anecdotes about mindsets and change management.