The (JOB) battle for ESG is back! In this second video of the series, Vanessa Müller, ESG Services Leader at EY meets life insurance experts. The CEOs of Sogelife and Allianz Life share how ESG will and should transform the insurance sector – unfiltered.

ESG is among the most discussed topics of this century. But how do actors in the field perceive the present and future of Sustainability? How do leaders embed it in their companies’ strategy?

« ESG brings a risk. A risk of not doing things right! »

Eric Winter, CEO of Allianz Life Luxembourg and , CEO of Sogelife – both leading companies in the life insurance sector, face each other in the second round of the (JOB) battle for ESG, moderated by from EY. A false confrontation but a real common fight for ESG.

Check out their insights, not only on the importance of certifications and labels, but also their view on why setting a clear strategy and a CEO’s purposeful mindset can drive the right change in a company and the society.