(JOB) battle for ESG, Round 3

The (JOB) battle for ESG is back! In this third video of the series, Vanessa Müller, ESG Services Leader at EY meets sustainability experts from the Air Cargo and Connectivity industries as they share the ups and downs of their time working in the ESG sector – unfiltered.

ESG is among the most discussed topics of this century. But how do actors in the field perceive the present and future of Sustainability? How do leaders embed it in their companies’ strategy?

CSRD will force the industry to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’

Moa Sigurdardottir, Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Cargolux for 20 years, and Sabrina Alam, Lead Space Sustainability and Program Manager at SES in Luxembourg, both join VanessaVanessa today for another round of the (JOB) battle. Tune in to gain an insight into their biggest challenges and prides, and to hear what they think CSRD truly means for ESG.