Joshua Stone is managing director of EQT. Photo: EQT

Joshua Stone is managing director of EQT. Photo: EQT

Tokenisation, the democratisation of private assets, sustainable finance and more--there’s plenty on the financial sector’s agenda for 2024. Delano asked Luxembourg investment industry professionals about the top issue on their radar for the coming year.

As part of this series, we asked Joshua Stone, managing director of EQT, about key issues in the industry for 2024. Stone told Delano:

“EQT is excited about those investment opportunities to fund areas such as the energy transition, the digitalisation of societies or the healthcare systems. We are continuously sharpening our value creation playbook, being in the areas of digitalisation, AI or sustainability or across the board. And, we have more than €50bn of dry powder to invest in what we believe will be a very interesting vintage. Overall, we are witnessing the end of the financial engineering era, where leverage and increasing multiples helped all managers to perform reasonably well.”

“Going forward, it will be about fundamentally adding value, and really transforming portfolio company’s abilities. Private wealth is a strategic priority and a growth area that we want to scale up over the long-term.”