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Kantin to open in Dudelange

The former industrial hall is now home to a new hospitality concept: Kantin. Photo: Kantin

The former industrial hall is now home to a new hospitality concept: Kantin. Photo: Kantin

Kantin has set up shop on the former industrial wasteland of Neischmelz. It’s a vast place that combines microbrewery, brew pub, restaurant and event space.

After Familia in Grevenmacher and the announcement of a third Urban in the Copal shopping centre in Mertert-Wasserbillig, Mama’s Boys, the group of restaurants and bars headed by Gabriel BoisanteGabriel Boisante, among others, is opening a new address: Kantin. This will be the ninth location for the group, which already has Urban City, Urban Belval, Paname, Bazaar, Mamacita, Amore and Twisted Cat beer, in addition to the two locations already mentioned, and which employs around 260 people.

The new project is located in the former locomotive repair hall on the Neischmelz industrial site in Dudelange. “It is a magnificent listed industrial hall with a character like no other,” explains Boisante. The group won the opportunity to operate it following a call for tenders issued by the city of Dudelange. Boisante is not alone in this matter. He is accompanied by his long-time partner Ray Hickey, as well as Joël Back (from the Luxembourg microbrewery Bare Brewing) and Alison Adams, with whom he has already worked for the Twisted Cat beer, and the former cycling champion Andy Schleck.

Together they decided to develop a multifunctional place with one theme: beer. There is a microbrewery, a brew pub, a brewery and a space with a stage that can host events.

Developing the brewing spirit

“The large volumes of the hall allow us to develop an incredible tool for microbrewing,” says Boisante. “In the past, Dudelange had its own microbrewery. So we’re going to revive this now-defunct tradition while giving us the opportunity to develop our range of Twisted Cat beers.”

As well as brewing for their own needs, they are also keen to welcome others who would like to get into the microbrewing business.

“Here we can really develop the brewing spirit and use this place as a beer school. Many people are interested in these small beer productions and there is an interesting potential in this field,” he continues. In addition, their production line also allows them to can beer on the spot, as well as bottle and barrel it.

A place to eat and drink

In addition to the production activity, it will also be possible to taste all kinds of craft beers. For this reason, Kantin will also host a brew pub and a brewery area where the cuisine, close to the farm-to-table spirit, will be linked to the brewing culture. Hop flour, for example, will be used to make the roux.

“We will also be able to come and taste gourmet dishes to share, such as tartes flambées, or even grilled suggestions,” assures Boisante.

Space for the event

Kantin, thanks to its vast volumes, will also be able to easily accommodate groups. “It is therefore a place that lends itself well to the organisation of events and we have planned a stage that could even host concerts,” explains Boisante.

Kantin will therefore be of interest to companies or local authorities looking for a high capacity venue (up to 600 people). “We will also have a large terrace, which will further expand the possibilities for reception and hospitality.”

As for the decor, it is obviously the industrial spirit that will reign, in homage to the site’s past.

The official opening is planned for the beginning of June. The venue is currently operating on a soft opening basis, mainly for events.

Kantin, 1 place Thierry van Werveke in Dudelange, open (from June) from Wednesday to Sunday.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.