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Kirchberg building to host 1,200 refugees

The old EU justice court building will be used to host 1,200 refugees from Ukraine.  Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

The old EU justice court building will be used to host 1,200 refugees from Ukraine.  Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

Over two months after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Luxembourg continues to organise welcoming initiatives for the displaced.

The old building of the European Court of Justice known as the “T building” will serve as a temporary shelter for around 1,200 refugees, the ministry of foreign affairs revealed in a press release on 9 May.

However, the grand duchy’s foreign affairs minister Jean Asselborn (LSAP) will first hold an information session with local residents, accompanied by spokespeople for the national reception office ONA, and other NGOs such as Caritas and the Luxembourg Red Cross.

One month ago, on 11 April, Asselborn said that around 4,600 Ukrainian refugees had already arrived in Luxembourg. On 10 May, the ministry confirmed to Delano that 5,245 had asked for international protection, and 2,839 people--1,753 adults and 1,086 children--had been granted temporary protection in Luxembourg.

While the government organises help for the large numbers of Ukrainians reaching the country, communes and private households around the grand duchy have done their part as well. Refugee coordinator Marianna Pogosova, talking to Delano, has stated that based on the association’s experience, working with the municipal administrations of Strassen, Kopstal, Hesperange and Differdange has proved to be particularly successful as shown by several initiatives that have helped manage existing needs.