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Kneip acquires UK’s Dataglide

Kneip CEO Enrique Sacau says the acquisition of Dataglide “contributes to future-proof our business”. Mike Zenari

Kneip CEO Enrique Sacau says the acquisition of Dataglide “contributes to future-proof our business”. Mike Zenari

Kneip reckons Dataglide’s capability will allow it to “launch new products, innovate, and consolidate”.

Fund data management and reporting solutions provider Kneip has announced an agreement to acquire Dataglide, a UK-based technology company specialised in data transformation and cloud-based automation.

The Luxembourg-based company says the acquisition “brings significant technology expertise in-house,” including microservices architecture and multi-tenant cloud computing, and that this will “increase service quality and data accuracy, as well as will drive process automation across its portfolio.” Indeed, Kneip and Dataglide have been working for more than a year to build a “next generation fund data management system”.

Kneip CEO Enrique Sacau says the company is delighted with the acquisition, which brings Dataglide’s capability and its team into Kneip. “Our goal is to help firms control their data, lower their operational and compliance risk, and ultimately inform their business strategy,” Sacau said in a company statement released on Thursday morning. “This acquisition contributes to future-proof our business, as it takes our technology to the next level and deepens our capability to deliver innovative solutions and services to our clients.”

Dataglide co-founders Simon Hook and Matt Duckhouse said that by combining “the technical expertise of the Dataglide team with the deep market understanding and powerful offering of Kneip,  we will accelerate product innovation for the benefit of the fund management sector.”