Kodehyve has unveiled its new visual look and brand image with the launch of its new website and the release of its new brand video.

In just a few years, the company has experienced considerable growth and so has evolved its flagship product: kodehvye OS, the operational system (or ERP) dedicated entirely to new property development.

Indeed, in one year kodehyve has experienced a substantial evolution in terms of product with the achievement of kodehyve OS, a complete operating system dedicated to property development, which used to be a collaboration tool solely focusing on project management and customer relationship management aspects. During the past year, kodehyve also launched a new standalone e-signature platform dedicated to all kinds of real estate professionals: kodehvye sign.

kodehyve’s growth over the past year in a few figures:

●      The team has experienced a 5x growth and the kodehyve headquarter has doubled in size.

●      In terms of clients, the growth has been multiplied by 6.

●      In terms of company governance, 4 new partners have joined the board of directors.

Within the context of its development and international ambitions, it was the logical next step for the Luxembourg PropTech to refresh its brand image. Indeed, it was timely to shed the image of a young start-up and adapt its brand image to better reflect the established company that it is today, hence accurately describing what kodehyve is and what its team stands for.

This refresher of kodehyve's brand was coordinated by , Brand Communication Strategist at kodehyve managing kodehyve's brand image and public relations and , CEO of kodehyve.

A new visual universe, the same fundamental brand assets

As a result, kodehyve’s visual universe has evolved whilst keeping its fundamental attributes,  such as its logo and its fundamental convictions as well as its vision to bring the most powerful technologies to the real estate sector.

This new visual universe integrating a stronger, sober and more elegant design that better fits the vision and ambitions of kodehyve was deployed in September, through the launch of the and the release of a .

While offering a smoother user experience and a cleaner design, the new website puts more emphasis on the flagship products, kodehyve OS and kodehyve sign, the use cases covered by the two solutions as well as the value that kodehvye currently brings and envisions to bring to the real estate space.

This new visual atmosphere is also reflected in the brand video. The video highlights kodehyve OS, the brand's flagship and eponymous platform. The creation of this new brand video aims to capture kodehyve's ethos and illustrate how the venture is redesigning the real estate landscape with cutting-edge technologies through their operational system dedicated to real estate development.

This new visual atmosphere is the result of a fruitful collaboration with local actors

If the website was entirely designed in-house, coordinated by and , the brand video is the result of a successful collaboration with local actors.

kodehyve trusted the Luxembourg-based company , specialised in professional video shooting.

The company also collaborated with its clients as well as friends and partners from the construction industry who opened the doors of emblematic construction sites across Luxembourg to shoot the different scenes.

Regarding the 3D animations, kodehyve decided to work with , a company founded and managed by , a Luxembourg creative based in Berlin, who has been a partner of kodehyve for several years already and with whom they collaborated on the launched in spring 2022.