Laboratory condemns abuse of staff over covid tests

Ketterthill laboratories said one of its nurses had been attacked over a covid-19 test Libary photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

Ketterthill laboratories said one of its nurses had been attacked over a covid-19 test Libary photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

Ketterthill laboratories in a press release issued on Monday condemned aggression towards their staff by people coming in for coronavirus tests, saying a nurse had been physically attacked.

“Patient aggressiveness is increasingly strong and frequent,” the laboratory said. “Our collaborators (nurses, secretaries and biologists) are verbally confronted daily at an ever-increasing rate.” This culminated in “one of our nurses being physically attacked.”

The Ketterthill laboratory was unavailable for comment. Bionext and Laboratoires Réunis did not immediately respond to requests for a statement by Delano.

The Pharmacie du Cèdre, however, corroborated the Ketterthill laboratory claim of an increase in frustration from people and being subjected to verbal abuse and name calling. The pharmacy has long waiting lists for covid-19 tests, with their first availability for a reservation being in the new year. The pharmacy also commented that people’s anger arose from being unaware a reservation was needed.

A staff member at Pharmacy Hamilius expressed understanding for the reticence of individuals who do not want to be vaccinated and are forced into testing for work, stating that, for the most part, people are calm and “very respectful”, and turn up for appointments on time.

Staff at Pharmacy du Globe, Pharmacy Ginkgo and Pharmacy du Cygne all said that people in the main queued up calmly for their covid-19 tests. No reservations are needed for Pharmacy du Globe and Pharmacy du Cygne.

Ketterthill laboratory have set up psychological assistance for their staff should they request it, ending their press release with a call for understanding towards their staff. “Our teams are mobilised to take care of patients' requests in an optimal way, we expect understanding and kindness towards them.”