LALUX Group’s CSR strategy LALUX

LALUX Group’s CSR strategy LALUX

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly being integrated into companies’ strategies. For LALUX, it is more than just a fad. Awareness of its responsibility towards the wider context in which it exists and operates has long been part of its DNA.

Founded in 1920, and today one of the leaders in the Luxembourg insurance market, the company is characterised by its predominantly private and family shareholding, which guarantees continuity and stability for its shareholders, employees and policyholders. Protecting its customers against financial risks in the event of a claim is its core business. Needless to say, particular attention is therefore paid to constant and sustainable economic growth, as well as to the implementation and practice of a sustainable investment policy that meets the ESG criteria.

LALUX Group has recently formalised its own CSR strategy, thus including all its future actions in the five themes outlined below:  

(1) Financial stability and sustainable economic growth

To fulfil its primary mission of protecting its customers, it is essential to maintain and guarantee financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

(2) Social commitment and territorial anchorage

It is in the DNA of LALUX to support local charities and sports associations, such as the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Football (FLF), the Fédération Nationale de musique (UGDA) or SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde.

(3) Minimising the environmental footprint

The Group’s environmental footprint can be minimised in four main ways: measuring and reducing carbon emissions, offsetting negative impacts, ensuring responsible management and reducing waste, and digitising certain procedures and processes.

In this respect, concrete campaigns are regularly implemented. Some examples: all the light bulbs in the head office have been replaced by LED bulbs, reducing electricity consumption by more than 50%; the lighting in the car park has been reduced from 100% to 20%; rainwater is collected in tanks on the roofs of the building for sanitary facilities and watering plants; the water fountain in front of the building has been transformed into a green space.

(4) Anti-discrimination

The fight against discrimination and the protection of vulnerable groups are based on the following concepts: diversity, inclusiveness, protection and caring.

(5) Promoting well-being at work

The LALUX Group has always focused on customer satisfaction and is the market leader in this area. LALUX is convinced that achieving excellence involves first and foremost caring for its employees. This is why the company is committed to the development of a pleasant and healthy working environment that is respectful of the work-life balance.

Staff have the use of numerous services, such as a gym located directly in the building and managed by professional coaches. Equipped with modern training equipment, it offers numerous group classes (HIIT, Tabata, yoga), and above all, individual follow-up.

The building also houses a crèche, operated by a renowned service provider and reserved primarily for the children of the staff. Its warm atmosphere and modern facilities promote the development and well-being of the children under their care.

In addition to a company restaurant and a brasserie, staff have recently been able to benefit from a micromarket which offers unsold lunch menus to take away at a favourable price. In this way, LALUX not only combats food waste, but also donates the money collected to charity.

In terms of time management, LALUX also offers many advantages, enabling each employee to balance their professional and private life in the best way possible.

The granting of part-time work to almost 25% of employees, which takes the form of some 50 different models, the consideration of all forms of parental leave and the option of taking social and family leave are some of the more popular examples. The option of teleworking and converting overtime into extra days off complete the picture. For some months now, LALUX has been offering its employees a time-saving account that allows them to accumulate leave not taken during the year and take it later. It is the only insurer on the market to offer such a benefit. 

Above all, what drives the LALUX Group to intensify its initiatives in this field is its deep conviction of the importance of ESG and an awareness of its obligations towards the present world and future generations. The appointment of a Sustainable Development Manager further exemplifies this commitment. The official recognition of this commitment by obtaining the “Socially Responsible Company” ESR label, awarded by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and CSR, provides additional incentive to pursue efforts in this direction.

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