Léa Guignard, Client Manager in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Photo: Mason Moderne

Léa Guignard, Client Manager in the Maison Moderne Brand Studio Photo: Mason Moderne

Léa joined Maison Moderne as Client Manager in 2020, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the investment fund sector in Luxembourg. With her expertise she develops strategic recommendations for content and media, based on the Paperjam and Delano brands. Her main objective is to help companies in the financial sector communicate effectively, getting the right message to the right target, at the right moment, using relevant storytelling and the right communication channels. Then she runs these projects in collaboration with her clients, including magazines, books and print/digital campaigns.

What are the advantages of establishing a relationship of trust with your customers?

Léa Guignard. - Establishing a relationship of trust with your clients makes it possible to carry out great and beautiful projects, and what I appreciate in building this trust is the complicity. We listen to each other, set objectives together and adapt the direction of the project, if necessary, always keeping in mind the initial intention.

How do you approach “Native Advertising” with your customers?

Native Advertising puts the audience at the centre of attention, presenting them as the hero of the story, while the company plays the role of an ally helping the hero to achieve his goals. For my clients, Native Advertising represents a real added value, combined with awareness-raising work on ads thanks to our flagship media, which have over 200,000 unique readers.

Which project are you most proud of since joining Maison Moderne?

It's hard to choose just one! But I can name a few projects:

- , BIL: a medium created especially for BIL, an extra-financial report in a magazine format, the surprise effect is there every year. It's easy to read, tailored to the needs and challenges of the year in order to share its vision, values or ambitions, present its medium- or long-term strategy, communicate key strategic figures for the year, etc. The content is designed and built according to the target audience.

- Imagine Tomorrow campaign, Degroof Petercam: an advertising campaign highlighting the client and his advisor. The message of this advert is powerful: the success of great companies is not the story of one man, but that of a duo. The campaign is running in print in Paperjam magazine and online at paperjam.lu and delano.lu.

- , ALFI: deciphering investment issues through a conversation between two generations. It's a rich, constructive and highly inspiring exchange. This series of podcasts is broadcast on delano.lu and relayed in the Delano Newsletter.

- The book for the British Embassy in Luxembourg: it was published in 2020 to bring together all the links between Luxembourg and England on various themes: history, culture, diplomatic relations, sport, etc. John Marshall, the previous British ambassador to Luxembourg, initiated these links through the tweets he published throughout his term of office. This is a fascinating book, rich in anecdotes, which won the prize for best non-fiction title in October 2021.