2021 storm

Local councils filed €30.8m in flood claims; €4.6m paid out to-date

Floodwaters are seen in Echternach, in eastern Luxembourg, 15 July 2021. Library picture: SIP/Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

Floodwaters are seen in Echternach, in eastern Luxembourg, 15 July 2021. Library picture: SIP/Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

The national government has compensated local authorities with €4.6m for damage due to the 2021 floods, with €22.3m of the total €30.8m claims coming from the municipality of Echternach.

The national government has paid out €4.6m so far to local authorities to compensate for losses suffered in 2021’s catastrophic flooding.

Forty municipalities and municipal syndicates have claimed a total of €30.8m in damages, including to property and material, the interior minister, Taina BofferdingTaina Bofferding (LSAP), said on 24 August.

The vast majority of claims (€22.3m) were filed by the municipality of Echternach, Bofferding stated. Excluding Echternach’s application, “around 44% of the requested indemnities,” representing €3.7m, have been paid out, as of 9 August. “Eighteen files are still pending, because they are not yet complete.”

The 2023 state budget includes “an envelope of €5m” to compensate municipalities and municipal syndicates for natural disasters, she noted. Local authorities can request financing from the Waasserfong (water fund) to put in place “preventive measures, with the aim of reducing the risks of catastrophes.”

Bofferding was responding to a parliamentary question from the CSV MPs Léon GlodenLéon Gloden, Octavie ModertOctavie Modert and Max Hengel.

Torrential rains on 14 and 15 July 2021 caused flooding which led to extensive damage across much of the country. Eastern parts of the grand duchy and areas in and around Luxembourg City were particularly hard hit.