Lovisa Löwenborg is the founder of Female Fund. Photo: Anthony Dehez

Lovisa Löwenborg is the founder of Female Fund. Photo: Anthony Dehez

Tokenisation, the democratisation of private assets, sustainable finance and more--there’s plenty on the financial sector’s agenda for 2024. Delano asked Luxembourg investment industry professionals about the top issue on their radar for the coming year.

As part of this series, we asked Lovisa Löwenborg, founder of Female Fund, about key issues in the industry for 2024. Löwenborg told Delano:

“Having lived in various countries, I have repeatedly felt the need to empower women in and through finance. The lack of financial education and representation of women in finance will not be solved today, but we aim to turn the tide in the long run. And there are two main reasons for this.”

“First, not every woman is aware of their financial potential and dares to ask questions. Financial education and awareness are therefore among our top priorities and setting up the first female-owned fund in Luxembourg is an important step in accomplishing that goal. Looking at the currents markets, we see clear opportunities for female investors, and we therefore aim to accompany them in their investment journey, independently of their age or experience in investment. We want to help them identify and take risks at the right moment and make full use of the opportunities presented to them.”

“Second, money equals power. Simply put, if we do not act and make the common decision to try and diversify the pool of actively investing members of society, important decisions impacting our future and that of the coming generations will continue to be made by a homogenous group of people. We strive to empower women, to help them become decision makers, to allow them to contribute directly to society and to shape our future. Placing women as strong financial influencers is one key part of introducing more diversity to finance and investment and thus more bringing fresh ideas and new points of view to decision making in various fields.”