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Luc Frieden outlines sustainable strategy principles for companies

The BCC chat with Luc Frieden was held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce studio Video screengrab

The BCC chat with Luc Frieden was held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce studio Video screengrab

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce chairman Luc Frieden joined the British Chamber of Commerce’s leadership forum on Monday to outline 10 principles to help guide companies in their sustainability strategy.

The principles were co-constructed with a working group of around 25 companies across various sectors—including finance and transport—and serve as a key tool for Luxembourg to implement its 2030 agenda for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Outlined in the principles are also benchmarks and supporting partners, such as the INDR (the national institute for sustainable development and CSR) and Inspiring More Sustainability, among others.

“This is not a programme of any political party, but it is, for us, the objectives that successful companies should achieve to be attractive for their employees, attractive for their clients and to remain profitable in a highly competitive environment,” FriedenFrieden explained.

Frieden, in his role at the Chamber and sitting on various boards, is also a qualified lawyer and partner with Luxembourg law firm Elvinger Hoss, where he advises on international corporate and banking issues. As a former minister of finance, defence and justice, Frieden shared his unique perspective on how the initiative capitalises on Luxembourg’s ecosystem, and his optimistic outlook on how the grand duchy can aim to be the sustainable leader in Europe.

The live chat, part of the BCC’s leadership forum taking place 7-13 October, was moderated by Delano magazine editor-in-chief Natalie Gerhardstein.

Learn more about the 10 sustainable business principles here, or visit the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce website for more information.

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