Luxembourg researcher elected to Jean Monnet council

Elena Danescu will join the Jean Monnet foundation’s council. Photo: Sophie Margue / Cour Grand-Ducale

Elena Danescu will join the Jean Monnet foundation’s council. Photo: Sophie Margue / Cour Grand-Ducale

Elena Danescu, a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg’s Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH), has been elected to the council of the Jean Monnet foundation.

The foundation is based at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and functions as a centre of research, higher education, knowledge transfer, multimedia documentation and academic publications--all centred on the history of European integration.

“I am honoured to be elected,” Danesco told Delano after the vote on 10 May. “I am also very excited by the ambitions and challenges of the foundation and its council, which aims at debating the concept of Europe--and European studies--from a highly interdisciplinary perspective, reflecting on how Europe is analysed in research, taught at universities and conveyed by public history within and beyond the European continent.”

She added: “It is important to recognise that interest in European studies (and the related funding) is on the decline, sometimes even within the EU pioneer member states themselves. Yet, the present geopolitical situation shows the vital importance of knowing and analysing our own history not only as an intellectual and moral obligation, but also as a tool for peace and solidarity.”

Danescu’s current research interests include the presence and influence of women in international relations and diplomacy; a comparative analysis of the fiscal competition in Benelux states (1945-1992); and Luxembourg’s role in the design of the European single currency.