Luxair increases daily flights to London

Travellers to London will be able to pick from five flights a day.  Photo: Anthony Dehez

Travellers to London will be able to pick from five flights a day.  Photo: Anthony Dehez

Luxair will increase its number of flights to the city of London, the airline announced on 14 January. This change will come into force from March 2022. 

This brings the total number of rotations between the grand duchy and London up to five a day between Monday and Saturday, with the first flight leaving London at 6:30am (local time) and landing in Luxembourg at 8:45am. This would technically “allow travellers on a business trip a full working day on site”, an official statement by Luxair reads. 

The final plane landing in London city at 9:30pm would then stay stationed in the airport until the next morning, so that it can assure the 6:30am take-off. 

Contacted by Delano, Luxair on the subject said: “Despite the tentative revival of business travel, business leaders are beginning to realise clearly the importance of face-to-face interaction and negotiation. The imperatives of competition and growth will require a resurgence in business travel across all sectors and countries.”

To explain the addition, they added that “the key to successful business travel is to offer a stable and reliable flight plan and the schedules offered by Luxair are ideal for day trips, while offering the flexibility that customers are looking for. “

The rotation, which started in 2003, has, according to Luxair, seen an increase in leisure passengers, despite being primarily used for business trips. 

As the number of passengers climbs up again after an enduring 2020, without, however, reaching pre-pandemic levels, the airline prepares itself for the relatively positive outlook travel managers envisioned for 2022.

This article was updated on 17 January to include a comment by Luxair.