Gare and Bonnevoie

Luxembourg City ends security firm contracts… for now

The City of Luxembourg won’t extend a contract with a private security firm after it expires on 15 November. Library photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

The City of Luxembourg won’t extend a contract with a private security firm after it expires on 15 November. Library photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

Luxembourg City’s municipal council won’t extend its contract with private company G4S to provide security services in the Gare and Bonnevoie districts.

The council last year had signed the contract to provide security services over rising complaints by residents and shopkeepers over safety in the districts around the Luxembourg City train station.

The agents were supposed to complement police; however, already in May this year were warned by the justice ministry for overstepping their powers over reports that they told people to move from public places.

On 4 September, a security guard’s dog attacked and injured a person during an altercation, leading to renewed calls from the council opposition to discontinue working with the private company.

An investigation is ongoing whether the agents were patrolling the area, an activity they are banned from. They are allowed to move between two public places that they are monitoring.

The council opposition parties--the LSAP, Déi Gréng and Déi Lénk--in a joint statement on Tuesday welcomed the decision not to renew the contract, which expires on 15 November. “Resorting to private companies for police missions is not only illegal and unconstitutional but also dangerous,” the parties said.

The parties had previously introduced a motion in the city council to put an end to the contract with G4S, which was voted down by the DP and CSV majority.

The interior security ministry has in the meantime promised more boots on the ground in the Gare area, with the government working on a series of measures to improve safety, including combatting drugs crime.

The LSAP, Déi Gréng and Déi Lénk said the city should spend more on crime prevention and social initiatives.

The DP and CSV have, however, not ruled out seeking external contracts with security companies in future.