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Luxembourg gas consumption down by 33% in May

Luxembourg consumed 387 Gwh of natural gas in May 2023, said the ministry of energy. Photos: Shutterstock. Montage: Maison Moderne

Luxembourg consumed 387 Gwh of natural gas in May 2023, said the ministry of energy. Photos: Shutterstock. Montage: Maison Moderne

Luxembourg’s energy ministry on 2 June announced that the grand duchy had reduced its consumption of natural gas by 33.2% in May compared to the reference period of 2017-2022.

In May 2023, Luxembourg consumed 387 Gwh of natural gas, down 33.2% compared to the average during the reference period of 2017-2022, during which the country used 580 Gwh.

Following the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the European Union, which had previously depended on Russian imports of gas, decided on a voluntary reduction of gas consumption by 15% in order to help guarantee their energy supply throughout the winter months.

The measure, which was meant to end 31 March 2023, was extended for an additional year at a meeting of the Council of the European Union on 28 March 2023. Luxembourg’s consumption in May was well below the 15% voluntary reduction goal (493 Gwh).

To help achieve this reduction, the grand duchy’s government last year launched a campaign--“Zesumme spueren-Zesummenhalen.” It aims to help households, companies, municipalities and the state save energy by providing tips and financial aid for the energy transition.