Luxembourg has managed to reduce its natural gas consumption. Photo: Shutterstock

Luxembourg has managed to reduce its natural gas consumption. Photo: Shutterstock

In a report released on 3 August, Luxembourg’s energy ministry announced that the country has significantly reduced its natural gas consumption.

In July 2023, says the energy ministry’s report, Luxembourg’s natural gas consumption was down by 34% compared to the reference period of 2017-2022.

Previously, at the European level, it was decided to extend by one year voluntary measures to reduce gas demand by 15%, in order to guarantee the EU’s supply and to prepare for the coming winter.

Via its , the government offers tips for individuals on saving energy and provides information about various related financial aid schemes.

Among the tips are: turn down the heat when you leave a room; bleed your radiators regularly; choose a lower-temperature programme on your washing machine; turn off your computer when leave it for an hour or more; let hot food cool down before putting it in the fridge or freezer; and reduce your speed when driving by 10 or 20km/h.