Luxembourg spends €39 per person on Fairtrade 

Fairtrade partners generated a turnover of over  €24 million from the sale of Fairtrade products Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg

Fairtrade partners generated a turnover of over  €24 million from the sale of Fairtrade products Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg

The grand duchy stayed on the Fairtrade course despite the pandemic with partners of Fairtrade generating a turnover of +11.58% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Consumers in Luxembourg spent an average of €39 on products with the Fairtrade label.

Turnover from the sale of Fairtrade-labelled products amounted to €24.38m last year, said Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg, an NGO committed to fair trade between producers in the global south and consumers in Luxembourg.

In total, Luxembourg stocked 2,919 Fairtrade products on its shelves at the end of 2020 (+9.5%), with 253 new certified products registered during the year. Around 28 (+2) Luxembourg actors are currently authorised to process and/or sell a product with the Fairtrade label. Also, the year 2020 saw 367 Fairtrade labelled products sold under a Luxembourg brand (+9.23% compared to 2019).

“This positive trend in favour of fair trade demonstrates both the growing consumer demand for more ethical products and the growing commitment of Luxembourg partners, who are increasing the availability and accessibility of Fairtrade products on their shelves,” Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg said in a press release. 

An average of €39 was spent on Fairtrade products per capita, up from €35.60 in 2019, placing the grand duchy as a major market for Fairtrade products in Europe, behind Switzerland (€99), Ireland (€79) and Sweden (€46).

Fairtrade partners offering certified rose products were credited for the growth in sales of up to 1,388,539 stems of roses in 2020, making it the leading Fairtrade sector in Luxembourg. One out of every two roses sold in Luxembourg now comes from Fairtrade certified plantations.

Last year, 825 million units of fair-trade flowers were sold globally making them the biggest product in the market.

Another noticeable trend is the momentum gained in 2020 for “Think global, produce local”. The sale of fair trade coffee in Luxembourg was led by “Made in Luxembourg" brands, representing 42% of the fair trade coffee market in the country.