Six years after Luxempart acquired its stake, Rimed is now majority owned by another Swiss group, Unilabs. Photo: Shutterstock

Six years after Luxempart acquired its stake, Rimed is now majority owned by another Swiss group, Unilabs. Photo: Shutterstock

Six years after acquiring a stake in Swiss medical equipment maker Rimed, Luxempart has announced that it is reducing its stake from 27.4% to 5.5%. It sold the shares to the Swiss giant Unilabs, which will become the majority shareholder.

Rimed stated: “This is a milestone in the company’s strategic trajectory in terms of growth and performance. Our employees have contributed greatly to the success of the company over the past six years with their patient-centric philosophy and commitment to providing high quality diagnostic services. The partnership with Unilabs will complement the achievements of both companies and create an enhanced service provider with a broad Swiss presence in the German, French and Italian speaking regions. Through synergies and a patient-centric service approach, we will be able to provide a unique healthcare platform for patients, referring physicians and hospitals in the future.”

For Rimed and its founder, Kim Laver, a new phase began on Thursday 3 November with the arrival in the capital of a heavyweight in medical analysis: Unilabs. The Swiss group has 14,200 employees in some twenty countries, carries out 245 million analyses each year and has a turnover of $2bn. The group’s expertise in laboratory medicine, imaging and pathology enables it to answer diagnostic questions in all medical disciplines.

This is also a bit of an "end" to an adventure for Luxempart, which took a 27.5% stake in Rimed in 2016 for an unknown amount. The Luxembourg investment group had spent €75m for this investment and those in the German Deutsche Pfachpflege, the Belgian Vivalot and the French Inseed. Now Luxempart will retain only a 5.5% stake in Rimed and said the move “will produce a return on investment that exceeds its long-term objectives”.

“We are convinced that the integration of Rimed into the Unilabs family will benefit all stakeholders and we will continue to look at Rimed’s incredible track record,” commented the managing director of the Luxembourg investment group, .

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