Pierre-Alexis Quirin was named the new business development director at Maison Moderne, the company that published Delano and Paperjam, on 14 November 2023. Photo: Maison Moderne

Pierre-Alexis Quirin was named the new business development director at Maison Moderne, the company that published Delano and Paperjam, on 14 November 2023. Photo: Maison Moderne

Pierre-Alexis Quirin joins the media company Maison Moderne as director of business development and becomes a member of its executive committee.

As Maison Moderne, the media company behind Paperjam and Delano, approaches its 30th anniversary, it is reimagining its leadership by creating the new role of director of business development. This role is entrusted to Pierre-Alexis Quirin, a 38-year-old professional with excellent knowledge of the Luxembourg market and expertise in commercial management.

Graduated with a master’s degree in commercial management and marketing from IAE Nancy in 2009, he has dedicated the majority of his career, over ten years, to the Editus Luxembourg subsidiary of the Post Lëtzebuerg group. He progressed from BtoB media advisor to sales team leader, and later became sales manager for the Grands Comptes team (NEO Agency). Pierre-Alexis Quirin is French, married, a father of three, and speaks both French and English.

Pierre-Alexis Quirin’s arrival comes at a time when the company aims to reinvent its leadership by focusing on strengthening its commercial development. This includes entrusting the management of the media sales department to an expert who can dedicate full-time attention to it. Currently, the agency activities in specialized content communication and the media sales department operate under the name Brand Studio, emphasizing strategic collaborations between the two teams to offer comprehensive solutions to advertisers. While these synergies will continue to exist, both departments will now have their respective directors. The director for the specialized agency is currently in the recruitment process.

Mike Koedinger, the company’s founder, commented, “Pierre-Alexis will enable Maison Moderne to evolve its value proposition for its clients. He will also bring a rejuvenation to the company’s executive committee by highlighting his skills in marketing, negotiation, client relations and management.”

Pierre-Alexis Quirin added, “I am honoured to join Maison Moderne, a company that has always inspired me, full of talent, expertise, and the ability to reinvent itself! The challenge aligns perfectly with my professional expectations, with the added opportunity to champion a multichannel offering across influential and indispensable media outlets that can meet all our clients’ needs, whether in corporate communication, business development or employer branding.”

In terms of governance, the company, chaired by independent director , sees Pierre-Alexis Quirin joining the executive committee, the highest operational body of the media company with 120 employees. He joins (CEO and director of Publishing House), (COO), (director of the Business Club), and (director of human resources). On this occasion, Maison Moderne also announces the departure of , who has led the Brand Studio for Maison Moderne since 2021. He is leaving Maison Moderne to start his own independent consulting business. The Maison Moderne leadership team wishes him great success in his endeavours.