Delano and Paperjam over the course of several months conducted a survey of readers, members and clients to find out what unites them and what their aspirations are. Catch up on the results with Paperjam + Delano Club’s Jim Kent.

Anthropologist Abdu Gnaba led the survey and developed the concept of the Evolutionaries. “A revolution starts from a single point and comes back to the same one. An evolution starts from one point and ends up at another, and so on," said Gnaba during an .

"The Evolutionary is the person who, before wanting to change the world, works on themselves, the one who also says to themselves that society is made by us all. The Evolutionary knows how to seize opportunities, how to anticipate the next move, how to shape the achievements of the past.”

Hear more from our tribe of Evolutionaries in the video and for more photos of the event, click on our .