Marine Kieffer, Digital Product Manager in the Brand Studio at Maison Moderne Photo: Maison Moderne

Marine Kieffer, Digital Product Manager in the Brand Studio at Maison Moderne Photo: Maison Moderne

After various experiences in marketing, Marine made her comeback at Maison Moderne Brand Studio in 2021. For the past two years she has been supporting the Media Advisors team and advising clients on their digital strategy.

You are the digital expert at Maison Moderne. Where does your attraction for digital come from?

Marine Kieffer: I have always been passionate about marketing and all its professions. Throughout my professional experiences, I have specialised in digital marketing because I strongly believe in the potential of this channel, which is constantly evolving and change the game (which makes me all the more enthusiastic). Today, digital offers an extensive playground for companies that need to communicate!

Selecting the right formats, broadcasting a campaign at the right time, choosing the right message that will hold the attention of a specific target audience and generate leads, are all questions that must be addressed in digital before each campaign. A real challenge it is because the ROI will depend on it. Finally, what I like best about digital marketing is being able to match its creative aspect (developing unique actions) with Analytics (performance, ROI calculation).

What are the advantages of including digital in the heart of a company’s marketing/communication strategy?

The key to any successful strategy is first of all deep analysis of the needs (why do I want to communicate?), a proper definition of the target audience (to whom I want to address my message) and the budget. From there, the major advantage of digital will be to be able to create a tailor-made device. This channel will be particularly advocated for any company willing to work on its visibility, its brand image, its local anchoring or its traffic and lead generation. The interest of including digital in its strategy will obviously be to be able to monitor each and every action and measure its ROI. Finally, in the hyper-connected world in which we live, digital must be an integral part of a communication strategy to seize any opportunity.

What are your best tips for optimising a company’s digital performance?

I usually say that you have to approach digital in a "Test & Learn" mode. This channel offers many opportunities and has the advantage of granting flexibility to its users. By monitoring the performance of your action, you can always readjust a campaign or a device do not reach or exceed your expectations. This is the magic of digital! In a nutshell, companies need to have a story to tell, to create a real engagement towards their target audience, to encourage the memorization of a message and boost the rate of engagement. Internet users want to have experiences, so brands need to be creative to provide them.

What’s the best digital campaign you won’t forget?

Amazon’s end-of-year advertising campaigns are always very striking because of the emotion they arouse and the high quality of the advertisement. These mini-films tell life stories with accuracy and delicacy, all carrying a strong message. The way the product placement is proposed is very subtle. Finally, the messages delivered at the end of each video are always very positive.