Electric car registrations continue to increase

As of September 2022, 7,513 electric cars were newly registered in Luxembourg. Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

As of September 2022, 7,513 electric cars were newly registered in Luxembourg. Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

As of September 2022, Luxembourg counted new registrations of nearly 25,000 cars with combustion engines, compared to approximately 7,500 electric cars.

The minister of mobility François BauschFrançois Bausch (Déi gréng) provided data on the types of cars in response to a parliamentary question from Marc GoergenMarc Goergen (Piraten) concerning the evolution of the number of combustion engine cars and electric cars in Luxembourg. The minister also specified that in addition to 100% electric cars, plug-in hybrids are also considered electric cars by the government and the European Commission. Other hybrid cars, which cannot be recharged with electricity via a plug, do not fall under the definition of an electric car.

As of September 2022, 24,964 cars with combustion engines were newly matriculated in Luxembourg (76.86% of new matriculations), compared to 7,513 electric cars (23.13%). While this represents a sharp increase in the number of electric cars on Luxembourg’s roads compared to previous years, electric cars make up just 5.29% of the total fleet.

Of these 7,513 electric cars, 4,589 are 100% electric while 2,924 are plug-in hybrids. Since 2017, the number of cars newly registered in Luxembourg that are 100% electric has undergone a tenfold increase.

However, as of October 2022, of the 448,102 cars currently registered in Luxembourg, only 23,719 are electric cars. 424,383, or 94.71% of the total fleet, are cars with combustion engines. The ministry specified that all vehicles where the engine is powered by CNG, LPG or ethanol, for example, are also included in the combustion engine category.

To encourage people to opt for electromobility and make transport cleaner, subsidies are available for the purchase of a vehicle that is purely electric, has a hydrogen fuel cell or is a self-propelled plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.