Maximize your ROI with Our Digital Solutions

Maximize your ROI with Our Digital Solutions  Maison Moderne

Maximize your ROI with Our Digital Solutions  Maison Moderne

Digital has become an essential and unavoidable communication channel. With lower and more controllable costs, a wide range of formats, quick implementation, precise targeting, and measurable results (ROI), it's the winning recipe combo.

The Digital Mix can be an effective solution to reach your target audience. By combining multiple digital formats, you will create a coherent communication strategy that strengthens your brand, positioning, and audience.

Are you looking to highlight one of your areas of expertise?

Digital Brand Voice: Whatever your moment!

It's the expression of your brand's personality in all the content you publish. By using a consistent brand voice, you can build brand recognition and trust with your audience. The brand voice should be clearly defined, and apply to all digital channels used.

Brand Voice is sponsored content on and It will allow the integration of a content strategy into its overall digital communication without committing to a long-term strategy.

Grands Dossiers: Your expertise at the right time!

Grands Dossiers are focus on the challenges of a business theme, interviewing the main players and giving the floor to experts to present solutions.

Contributions to the "Grands Dossiers" consist of an article and a video interview. But that's not all! You can also enrich your content with additional embedded links (white papers, presentations, catalogues, videos...)

Would you like more information on the upcoming issues of the Grands Dossiers? Click here!

Upcoming Grands Dossiers Issues :

- Data & Cloud to be published on 23.05

- Proptech & Smart cities to be published on 22.06

- Upskilling to be published on 08.06

Do you want to boost your visibility/notoriety?

Newsletters : Benefit from the most followed newsletters which are: the Daily morning/evening of Paperjam (31.000 subscribers) or Paperjam+Delano Finance (30.000 subscribers).

These newsletters are highly appreciated and followed, as shown by the average opening rates of between 30% and 38%, well above the European averages. 

By advertising in Paperjam and Delano newsletters, regardless of format, you will reach a considerable and highly qualified audience. It's time to take action!

Display : Some key figures about our websites... is an influential and premium audience:

- 300,000 unique readers per month

- +1.3 million page views per month

- 81.5% of readers aged between 25 and 64, it's an English audience!

- 62,000 unique readers per month

- 150 000 page views per month

By advertising on the Paperjam. lu and websites, regardless of the format you choose, you will reach a considerable audience in a short time. It's time to take action!

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