Free from pandemic

Michel Welter on den Atelier’s concert resurgence

With concerts back in full force and in the context of the most relaxed health restrictions so far Delano’s Teodor Georgiev sat down with managing partner at den Atelier, Michel Welter to chat about the music industry’s return in this episode of Newsmakers.

Festivals Siren’s call and USINA 22 are some of den A’s big events this summer. But the Luxembourg music venue has really rolled up its sleeves and managed to book big names such as the Offspring, Gorillaz, Nick Cave and The Smile--the recently formed group by Radiohead members Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood alongside Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner.

But the pandemic’s effect continues to linger when it comes to concert attendance and therefore profitability.

“We have quite an important percentage--it depends on the genre of music, it’s somewhere in between 15 and 30%--of no-show. No-show is what we call people who actually have a ticket but they don’t show up to the concert. So that’s quite astonishing. Pre-pandemic levels were around 2% to 5% of no-show,” says Michel.

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