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MMMediashow 2023

A look back at the MMMediashow 2023, Maison Moderne’s annual event during which the media company presented the 2023 edition of the its Media Planner.

As an introduction, the guests enjoyed a keynote by Bruno Liesse, managing director of Polaris, a media intelligence spin-off of Space, the leading media agency in Belgium.

Mike KoedingerMike Koedinger, CEO of Maison Moderne, and Youcef DamardjiYoucef Damardji, director of the Maison Moderne Brand Studio, then took the floor to decipher the challenges facing the press and media in 2023. They also unveiled the solutions Maison Moderne can propose to clients seeking impactful communication opportunities, as well as pointing out the strengths of the independent and quality news and insights provided by the Paperjam and Delano media brands.