Four separate tramlines are foreseen for 2035. Photo: Matic Zorman

Four separate tramlines are foreseen for 2035. Photo: Matic Zorman

Traditionally a car-centric nation, Luxembourg has been improving its alternative transport options.

For tram-riders

A huge tram extension project is underway: as of mid-2023, the tram runs Kirchberg-to-Bonnevoie, but that will grow to Findel-to-Cloche D’Or in 2024. A high-speed connection to Esch is also foreseen for 2027, and by 2035 the plan is to have four separate lines in operation.

For drivers

Want to buy an electric vehicle? At the time of writing, subsidies of up to €8,000 are on offer for qualifying cars, and €1,000 for motorcycles. Also good to know: all vehicles must be inspected for roadworthiness, starting after four years in use, then two years later, then yearly.

For cyclists

The city’s two largest urban centres, Luxembourg City and Esch, have bikeshare programs, respectively known as vel’OH! and Vëlok. The country is also home to Europe’s largest cycling bridge (1,200m), opened in 2022 and which links Esch and Belval.