More than half of city crime at Gare and Bonnevoie

The grand ducal police reveals some statistics regarding the security situation around Luxembourg City station (Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne)

The grand ducal police reveals some statistics regarding the security situation around Luxembourg City station (Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne)

The majority of the capital's crime occurs in the Gare and Bonnevoie districts, the Luxembourg police has confirmed. This is also where 85% of Luxembourg City incidents linked to drugs take place.

The events of 4 September--a security guard's dog biting a person followed by reactions in the political and social sphere--are rekindling the debate on security at the train station. A survey presented last March showed that 58% of citizens thought that the security in the Gare district was not good enough.

In 2020, a little more than a third of all offences committed in Luxembourg was recorded in the Gare district, police confirmed to Paperjam. "A little more than half if we add the Bonnevoie district," it said.

85% of drug cases

About 20% of all offences recorded in the capital are drug-related (trafficking or consumption), a total of 2,500 cases, up 10% in one year. And of these, more than 60% are recorded in the Gare district and 25% in Bonnevoie.

"These types of offences are not reported directly to the police, but come from officers’ work in the field," said a spokesperson. The more they target a neighbourhood, tracking down dealers and users, the more the statistics increase.

Other offences down

In total, 40,134 offences were recorded throughout the country in 2020--up 3.5% in one year and including 4,619 drug-related cases, 381 more than in 2019.

In the capital, certain categories of offences are decreasing, such as burglaries, which have fallen from 1,260 to 1,000. Thefts with violence, violence against persons, indecent assault and other cases of theft have also gone done. Theft of vehicles, on the other hand, increased from 760 cases in 2019 to 1,075 in 2020.

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.