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On 11 May, the Philharmonie Luxembourg announced its new identity centred around freshness, youth and accessibility.

On 11 May, the Philharmonie Luxembourg announced its new identity centred around freshness, youth and accessibility.

On 11 May, the Philharmonie Luxembourg announced its 2023-2024 programme and a new identity centred around freshness, youth and accessibility.

Founded in 2005, the Philharmonie is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. To mark this milestone, the concert hall, which has been home to the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra since 2012, has decided to update its identity, as it had not changed since its creation. ‘‘We realised that there were a number of prejudices among locals living in the Greater Region about what they could experience within the walls of the Philharmonie’’, explains Aliki Zachariadis, Head of Marketing at the Philharmonie. ‘‘Many still think that we are exclusively a temple of classical music. But in reality, we offer concerts in a wide variety of styles: jazz, world music, etc. We are also lucky enough to welcome renowned artists who rarely perform outside their hometown.’’

It is due to this exploration of varied musical styles and increasingly diversified audiences that the Philharmonie decided, on 11 May, to unveil its new identity and its 2023-2024 programme at the same time. ‘‘In collaboration with the London agency NB Studio, we have developed the institution’s graphic charter, which still uses the image of the fantastic building we are lucky enough to inhabit, but in a new way. The logo and the various visual elements of the Philharmonie will therefore be adapted accordingly. In addition, the language and tone used will also evolve to reflect our new positioning’’, explains Aliki Zachariadis.

Shake up your calendar at the Philharmonie Philharmonie

Shake up your calendar at the Philharmonie Philharmonie

Unexpected encounters, from Mozart... to John Malkovich!

Among the big names who will be performing at the Philharmonie in the new season are the star pianists Hélène Grimaud, Mitsuko Uchida and Maria João Pires. Renowned American orchestras, such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, are also scheduled to play part of their repertoire in Luxembourg in the coming months. The season opener will be another legendary ensemble: the Berliner Philharmoniker.

In addition to these more traditional concerts, the Philharmonie team has also devised a series of more unusual performances. One such event is a concert with the American actor John Malkovich, who, in addition to the music, will recite journalist’s reviews of the works performed, published at the time of their release. These sometimes-acerbic points of view are still laughable today, even though the musicians concerned have achieved iconic status. Themed festivals (atlântico focussed on Portuguese music, and rainy days focussed on contemporary music) and family festivals (on the theme of Christmas, in particular) also appear throughout this year’s programme. In an effort to attract new audiences while retaining the loyalty of long-time enthusiasts, the Philharmonie has also launched ‘‘Discovery Nights’’. ‘‘These comprise a tour of the Philharmonie, including the backstage area, an explanation of the forthcoming concert, an aperitif and the concert itself’’, explains Aliki Zachariadis.

To find out more about the programme and to buy your tickets, visit the Philharmonie website. You can also download a membership application form. There are two membership options: a fixed membership consisting of 3 to 8 concerts per year, and a ‘‘Mick & mix’’ membership, launched this year, which allows you to choose from a pre-selection of 4 to 10 concerts chosen by the Philharmonic. ‘‘The website will soon be updated to offer a better experience for everyone, including easy online membership’’, concludes Aliki Zachariadis.