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Networking through a business chamber

Lene Pedersen, chair of the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg’s people and leadership group. Photo: Matic Zorman

Lene Pedersen, chair of the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg’s people and leadership group. Photo: Matic Zorman

Lene Pedersen has served as chair of the British Chamber of Commerce’s (BCC) people and leadership group for two years and explains why such roles are good for career development.

Pedersen has been part of the BCC throughout most of her career, as both an entrepreneur and working in larger organisations.

The BCC people and leadership group organises roughly one event per quarter, plus the flagship leadership forum in October. “We do tend to spread our wings, because leadership goes into all different pillars of an organisation,” Pedersen explains. The time commitment, she adds, is a few hours per month for each member, plus a bit more for those working on an event.

So why does she decide to volunteer such time to the working group? “First of all, I think it’s fun,” she explains. “But it opens up networking with interesting people and to discover all those topical subjects that are in the market.”

These topics, for her, don’t just include leadership or culture in organisations, but with the other BCC business groups--business and innovation, financial services, legal, tax, sustainability and membership development--“there are so many different business topics that are available and where we can learn from each other and also sometimes combine and become creative.”

For her, the chamber keeps members updated on what’s happening in Luxembourg and can help them generate new leads. It also provides inspirational concepts which could potentially be implemented into one’s professional role or business. 

An alternate version of this article first appeared in Delano’s 2023-2024 Expat Guide