gathers solidarity projects in Luxembourg for associations and citizens who want to help. Photos: Screenshot, Freepik. Editing: Maison Moderne gathers solidarity projects in Luxembourg for associations and citizens who want to help. Photos: Screenshot, Freepik. Editing: Maison Moderne

The non-profit organisation Cell has launched a platform listing various ecological and solidarity projects in Luxembourg, in which citizens are invited to participate.

Whether it is a natural garden with an educational vocation looking for volunteers or a cooperative for the production of sustainable energy in need of financial support, it is now possible to find these kinds of initiatives in Luxembourg on the same website. The non-profit organisation Cell (for Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg) has launched its dedicated portal, called BiBe. It takes the first syllables of “Bierger,” which means citizens, and “Bedeelegung,” for participation.

The projects are listed on a map. 37 were online on Wednesday 15 March. The site aims to give visibility to citizens' projects, as well as give inspiration to those who wish to get involved. It was designed in partnership with the University of Luxembourg, with the financial support of the department of land management (DATer) of the ministry of energy.

Cooperation with Aktioun Nohaltegkeet

There are many similarities with the Aktioun Nohaltegkeet platform, financed by the ministry of the environment, where there are more than 90 initiatives. When asked, the non-profit organisation Cell explains to Delano’s sister publication Paperjam that BiBe is mainly “focused on projects of citizens and municipalities and aims to support small project developers who do not have the time or the means to develop their own site. While Aktioun Nohaltegkeet positions itself as a "multi-sectoral platform of different actors involved in sustainability: schools, NGOs, private and institutional companies.” Cooperation between the two platforms is planned to limit IT development costs.

On its website, BiBe presents itself as a directory of projects “representative of the ecological, social and solidarity-based transition in Luxembourg.” Aktioun Nohaltegkeet writes on its website “to allow the community of all those involved in sustainable development actions in Luxembourg to contribute and benefit from an updated overview of related actions.”

This article was first published in French on . It has been translated and edited for Delano.