AmCham Chairman and CEO Paul Schonenberg welcomed some 200 guests, chiefly from the local business community, to the evening cocktail and barbecue party. The event, in the Hotel Mercure at the Kikuoka Golf Club in Canach, included live music and a walking dinner supplied by the hotel’s new chef Angelo Vaccaro.

AmCham was founded back in 1996, and was the brainchild of then US ambassador Clay Constantinou, who said earlier this year: “President Clinton had directed all his Ambassadors to actively support the business community, and I was convinced that an American Chamber would be an excellent vehicle to achieve such an objective.”

Since those early days, the chamber has grown and now has well over 270 members. It is, says Schonenberg, no longer viewed as an institution that serves purely American business interests in Luxembourg, but has achieved its goal of being an important networking and lobby group for the wider English-speaking business community.