Bealtaine beckons

	Experience Medieval times this weekend
 Liga Eglite/Creative Commons

Experience Medieval times this weekend  Liga Eglite/Creative Commons

A blast from the past: Awaken your child’s imagination by taking them deep into the forest… and way back into the past on June 7 and 8.

It’s easy to imagine you’re back in the Middle Ages when you stroll between pitched tents and workshops, and even witness battles!

Participants at the Bealtaine Festival--medieval enthusiasts from Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany--are in costume, making the scene surreal and magical.

Seeing the Celtic house, authentically reproduced by local scouts, is worth the trip to Neihaischen alone. (There is a P&R in nearby Munsbach and take Bus 144--the street is blocked during the fest).

See blacksmiths, herbalists, tanners and troubadours at work, and marvel at what life must have been like centuries ago.

Head over to the grill for hunks of meat and other hearty fare, and bring some spending cash too for the kind of crafts kids make big puppydog eyes and beg for--wooden swords, fairy necklaces and mysterious stones on leather strings.

The kids will have a blast from the past… and so will you.