Brussels border check boundaries



Freedom of movement: The European Commission will propose that countries which want to re-impose border controls for more than five days will need to get permission from Brussels, the Financial Times reported Monday.

The FT said it reviewed a draft copy of the proposal, which also “imposes strict conditions on new passport controls between member states, including a maximum six-month limit and interim review checks every 30 days.

Denmark, France and the Netherlands, among others, have floated various proposals for allowing EU nations to re-introduce the border inspections that were abolished under the 1985 Schengen Treaty. This was caused by an influx of migration through Europe’s southern borders, following revolutions in the Arab world this past spring.

Earlier this year Luxembourg’s immigration minister, Nicolas Schmit, told Delano the Grand Duchy’s government would actively defend freedom of movement within the Schengen zone, and supported strengthening the Europe’s external border agency Frontex (photo).

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