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Media: The June edition of Delano accesses three international architecture and interior design professionals who are out to improve life and help business in Luxembourg.

Interest in architecture and interior design around the world has never been greater and its appeal never broader, and Luxembourg is no exception.

For its June cover story, Delano sets its sights on three architecture and interior design professionals who have settled in Luxembourg, who talk about their experiences of working in the Grand Duchy.

Lighting designer Lucy Genazzini has found that in Luxembourg a lighting designer is considered a luxury by most and a necessity by very few, while British-born architect Gary Haycock says that he has not come across too many “conservative” Luxembourg customers. “Generally clients are well-informed in terms of design matters”.

Meanwhile, freshly arrived Irish interior designer Denise Ryan says that she enjoys the buzz and camaraderie of working to a deadline on a commercial project. “Everyone pulls together and I like managing that and being part of a team.”

Rail wars, rugby, Rail Girls and rum

The June edition, on newsstands now, then connects with the proponents and opponents of the capital’s latest tram plans, several young rugby players with exceptional behavior, and overseas Americans hit by US tax act FATCA.

Also in this issue: photos from European Parliament candidates’ candid American chamber talk, Etienne Schneider at the Indian chamber’s 5th anniversary, and “Tales of the City” at the British chamber.

Plus why the Danish embassy in Luxembourg is closing, why de-stressing at the office is good business, and why Rail Girls think it has the recipe for coding success.

Then Italian interior architect Carlotta Benedetti explains why she is helping launch a women’s networking group in Luxembourg, while copyright Benoît Bail reveals an authentic new drink in the Grand Duchy… his own rum.

Delano, the English language monthly news magazine for Luxembourg’s international community, is available now for €4 at newsstands across the Grand Duchy and online at And don’t forget to download Delano’s Ten Things To Do This Week, our free app for iPhone & iPad.