Earlier this year AmCham collaborated with the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency/Ministry of Family and Integration, and various international organisations to create a town hall meeting with the major political parties in Luxembourg. The aim was to raise awareness for the local elections on October 9 and to get people to register.

At the second event of the series representatives from the four key players were there to outline why you should now go and vote for them. Diane Adehm (CSV), Marc Angel (LSAP), Lydie Polfer (DP) and Sam Tanson (déi Gréng) addressed crucial issues, such as infrastructure, transport, housing, sustainability and transparency.

The consensus: all voting issues are in fact expat-voting issues and everyone should use their right to vote to shape their municipalities and take part in their local community. While language barriers were a much-discussed problem, there was plenty of talk over the following drinks and snacks as the politicians mingled for more questions and feedback.

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