Former US ambassador dies



Peter Terpeluk, who was the US ambassador to Luxembourg from 2002 to 2005, has died of a heart attack.

The National Journal in the United States reported Terpeluk’s death on Tuesday, saying they received the information from several sources close to the former ambassador. The 63-year old, like the majority of recent US ambassadors to Luxembourg, was a political appointee. He had co-chaired George H.W. Bush's first presidential campaign and also co-chaired his re-election effort in 1992, then assisted George W. Bush’s campaign in 2000.

Returning to the US after his term as ambassador had ended, Terpeluk want on to serve for just over a year as the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. More recently he had been fundraising for presidential nominee candidate Rick Perry, the governor of Texas. In 2007 he was also named to the Board of Trustees of Sacred Heart University, which has a campus in Luxembourg.

The National Journal quoted a statement from Reince Priebus, in which the Republican National Committee chairman praised Terpeluk. “Peter served his country and his Party with distinction,” said Priebus. “I want to extend my sincerest condolences to the Terpeluk family on the passing of a dedicated father and husband.” Terpeluk is survived by his wife Diane, son Peter and daughter Meredith.